Tests women give men

How women test men

A lot of men think that doing the same thing and being interested in the same thing his woman is, will somehow lead to her liking him more. That could not be further from the truth. Wouldn’t you rather be watching football instead of doing something you don’t want to do? I know I would!

Do not act like you are interested in what she wants to do just because you want to get with her. That is the worst possible thing you can do and sooner or later this will be exposed.

Stand your ground and be a man. A woman wants a man not a pushover.  How do you say no without coming across as insensitive? This is nothing more than a test.  Woman  will constantly test you and see what they can and can’t get away with especially in the beginning of your interactions(Yes even the very first time you meet her!)  Learn if you’re being tested and how to pass these tests in chapter 7 of the Tao of bad ass.

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